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Why Yiva

~ Discover our beautiful farm ~

YIVA means superior and precious, and it has been choosing as the brand name by taking inspiration from the Turkic Yiva tribe- one of the Oghuz Tribes- with a history dating back to 1100s. Yiva tribe was one of the Turkic tribes that settled in Buyukbelen Village, Saruhanli District which is our production centre and played a role as a Turkish tribe that introduced Turkic and Nomad culture in our region.

The formation process of YIVA brand dating back to 20 years ago started in an empty land with amateur spirit.

The love and commitment for the mother earth and olive trees laid foundations of a corporate company in a brief time with principles, ambition and goals combined with the knowledge for cultivating the earth.

In the course of this period, past experiences from the conventional agricultural methods have been mixed with contemporary agricultural methods. The process from cultivation, maintenance of trees, careful selection and picking of olives, producing olive oil with mechanical methods to packaging of the olive oil is implemented as a workflow that is monitored carefully.

  1. Our olive oil is produced from the olives picked from our own gardens.
  2. Our products are homogenous as they originate from the same garden. Product quality is not variable.
  3. The best quality and the most natural olive oil is produced as a result of combining modern methods with conventional methods based on long years of experience.
  4. Our garden is located in Manisa- Saruhanli/ Buyukbelen that is known as the Realm of Olive and Olive Oil.
  5. The aroma it leaves on the palate meets the highest standards of the sensory and laboratory analyses for the "top quality olive oil".

Farm Services

~ The best services for you ~

  • Organic Olive Oil

    Natural quality flavor with 1% Oleic Acid

  • Production line

    Sterile oil squeezing and filtration band

  • Food Strategy

    To create a wider network of organizations and businesses that contribute food subsidiaries.

  • Water Management

    Due to the respect we have for natural resources, our olive groves are given as much water as they need.